Npower is one of the big six in the UK with about 10% share of the market.

Ofgem are the industry regulator (Ombudsman) for all energy companies. In December 2015 they fined Npower £26m for ‘failing’ customers with a warning that it could face a ban if it didn’t sort the problems out.

The Npower fine is the largest so far to be imposed on one of the big six energy companies by the UK regulator.

The chief executive at Ofgem Mr Nolan said, “It is important that all suppliers ensure they follow the principles of treating customers fairly at all times, we expect them to act quickly and effectively to ensure a good customer experience.”

Npower, owned by Germann company RWE is not the only one to receive a heft fine. Eon were fined £7 million for failing its business customersand Scottish Power received a temporary ban from selling due to and extensive backlog of unresolved complaints.

G Lloyd says:

“I have been a victim since 2011. I’m a heavy energy user so I follow my bills closely.
The reason customer complaints are gone down is because they seem to no longer log new complaints – I have made three complaints this year and not one has received any response nor do their agents have any record of any of them when I call (which I do, every single month).

IT fail, big time. nPower won’t be able to fix it by June, no chance. I just hope that if they are forced to close down that my crazy “debt” with them doesn’t prevent me from transferring elsewhere as it currently does.”

Consider Switching Energy Provider Now

Until you look in to what you are paying and what’s available you never know how much you could be over paying. Customer services from the big six doesn’t appear to be too good. So it’s worth considering some of the smaller companies who offer a better deal. To see how much you could save go here (it’s free).



Original source Financial Times