Business Gas

The UK business gas supply market has undergone significant changes recently. For most business users, these changes have resulted in a significant increase in prices and costs. Switch No More ensures clients are paying only the most competitive business gas prices.

A summary of our expertise and services we provide within your quoted price:

In depth analysis of your gas usage data to establish correct tariff structure. Production of tender documents for submitting quote requests.
Working closely with suppliers enables us to take advantage of market dips, react quickly to favourable price anomalies, and lock in savings.
Continual monitoring of the wholesale gas market and forward curves to avoid negotiating in periods of inflated prices and volatile trading.
Consolidation of group contracts to maximise purchasing power within the gas supply market.
Advise clients on contract lengths to move away from renewing at times when prices are historically higher.
In depth analysis of the best market rates, savings generated over the proposed contract period, and recommendation for supply on your site