Business Energy

Welcome to Switch No More for Business

As an independent company we are able to provide impartial advice for all your energy management needs. We access the whole market, search every tariff and are not controlled or restricted by any partnerships with the big six.

If you search standard well known comparison sites they will not be able to provide the same solutions as they have prearranged agreements in place with preferred suppliers. Our sole aim is to find the best energy company to meet your specific needs. We are paid by the energy companies just like comparison sites however, we put your needs and your financial savings above anything else.

Our Aims

We have two main aims. Aim one actually supports aim two. Firstly we want to find you the best deal possible. Secondly we want to grow our business and help other companies like yours. We hope that by delivering on our promise in our first objective to save you money, you will be more likely to recommend us to your business contacts, thereby achieving our second aim.

Rewards Program

We operate a rewards program where you can further reduce your bills by recommending us. However, we only invite you to join once we’ve reduced your bill to a level you are completely happy with. We can’t do magic or zero your energy balance and we don’t make wild unrealistic promises. We do one thing, search the whole market to get you the best deal possible.

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