So Why Hide The Best Deals?

It’s really quite simple. A lot of comparison sites (even the well-known ones) have special arrangements with specific energy providers. This means they get paid to recommend them. So the results you see could be skewed towards these companies. With the multitude of tariffs available it can all get very complicated.

It’s Not Their Fault

The energy industry is very complicated and full of partner agreements and restrictions. So due to contractual restrictions many comparison sites and energy advice services are not able to show you every tariff. Their hands are tied. They can though restrict what they show on their website and many do.

Making It Fair For All

The only way to get a fair comparison is to access the whole market, look at every tariff available in your area and then see which is cheapest. At Switch No More we are not shackled to a handful of energy suppliers. We are paid a small commission when you switch (full disclosure). But our online system compares the whole market for you, to find the very best price today. We don’t manipulate or control the results. This means you get the best deal available. And switching is easy.


Switching if completely free of charge. You could save hundreds so why not take a look and see if there’s a better deal available today.